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Cane Creek Headset Bearing

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Cane Creek

Cane Creek components have been ridden to numerous wins in world-class events. Professional racing teams that have used Cane Creek components include: Mountain Bike Racing,3D Racing, DEVO, Haro, Honda/Turner, Michal Prokop/Author Racing, Rocky Mountain, Subaru/Fisher, Trek/Volkswagen. Cane Creek started in 1995. Their first product line had brakes, headsets, hubs, and shocks. Their original air-shock design gradually won over a suspension universe that was in thrall to coil shocks. While they have continued to assert their leadership all their product categories, they have expanded into other areas that can benefit from a dose of their "technology that makes sense." In 1999 they acquired the Thudbuster suspension seat post and have since upgraded its patented design to provide what has been called the "ultimate upgrade for hardtails."