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Since Grangers International began trading in 1937, the company has been exclusively focused on the maintenance and waterproofing of a multitude of substrates. A first for Grangers was the introduction of the worlds first water based waterproofing product back in 1947. This product was subsequently used on the first successful expedition of Mt Everest in 1953, a true test of the product and it's performance. Following on from this success the company has become renowned for producing the very best waterproofing and maintenance products available in the world today. No matter what these conditions are, we expect our outdoor gear to keep us warm, dry and comfortable. Whether we are out for a days walk or on an extended expedition, we know we must keep ourselves comfortable if we are to get the best from day or month! It’s great our kit protects us in such hostile environments, but likewise if our outdoor gear is to perform to the full, how do we keep it clean and reproofed? At Grangers they have over seventy years experience in developing and manufacturing the very best in both cleaning and reproofing products. Granger’s treatments are being worn on clothing, footwear and equipment 24/7 all over our globe. It’s the first choice in aftercare for both professional and recreational people who demand the best from their outdoor kit.