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Under new American ownership since 2010, Marzocchi has gone back to its roots with reliable open bath oil damping technology. Simpler controls, lighter weights and a 3 Year Warranty (with no servicing restrictions) make this the original Fit & Forget fork. If you're tired of being made to service your forks every 6-12 months then switch to a Marzocchi and spend more time riding your bike! Marzocchi have been making Motorcycle forks for 60 years and MTB forks for 20 years. So they are confident in their open-bath-oil-technology internals and high quality seals. Marzocchi offer a fork for every type of riding and a range of weight saving and innovative new features – including Shimano’s new QR15 axle standard. Whatever type of riding you do, there’s a Marzocchi fork that fits.