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The makers behind the Yokozuna brand has had decades of experience subcontracting to the biggest drivetrain makers in the industry -- providing cable and housing products for their pro-level groups. Our industry customers demand we use high-grade raw materials and strict quality control. After all these years of manufacturing at this level, the stuff we produce in our Japanese factory are top-notch, suitable for any pro cyclist.

Yokozuna Performance Products were introduced in the USA in 2003 - first only to team and pro shop mechanics. In 2005 we entered the consumer market, offering specialty items such as their friction fighting Jet-Lube Housing Cable Kits as well as our Reaction Cable System featuring our awesome RapidWire Compressionless Technology, which brings a new level of cable response to mountain and road bikes. In 2006, we launched a new brake shoe line featuring a new generation of Scott-Mathauser brake compounds.