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We love sports. We have a global focus. Technology underpins everything we do. We are growing fast and we aim to be the greatest sports retailer in the world.

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Being active in the great outdoors is a great way to get people together, create a sense of fulfilment and enjoy life. Wiggle's aim is to give as many people as possible the choice to access cycling and tri-sports; to experience the aforementioned benefits for themselves.

We have always believed in being the kind of company that we'd want to deal with if we were you. You have our absolute commitment as fellow active sports enthusiasts that you'll be satisfied with Wiggle.


Rich Land

Cycle Goods Buying Manager

"We run the 10km rule during the Tour de France - when the race hits 10km to go, everything stops and the office glues itself to the TV so we don't miss the action!"

Sara Bailey

Accessories Merchandiser

"I think Wiggle is one of the best sporting goods retailers in the world, and I'm proud to be part of a winning team."

Miyuki McKay

Japan Trading Manager

"I am Japanese and really enjoy using my understanding of Japanese culture to help Wiggle continue to grow."

Staff discount

Our little way of saying thank you for giving our customers the #goodstuff.

Childcare Vouchers

We offer childcare vouchers (via salary sacrifice), so you can do your best work while your children are safe.

Cycle to Work

Buy a bike through us and pay over a period to get the bike you want for less.

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